181 French 19th Century Sterling Chamberstick

A late 19th century or early 20th century French sterling chamberstick. The chamberstick is round with several types of simple decorations. The tray, finger holder and wax drip all carry the same decorations on the rims which are beaded, and a decoration on a circumference below the rim of small circles. The original snuffer repeats the decoration of the circles as does the candle holder. The tray, candle holder and snuffer have a delicate decoration roughening up the surface . The combination is very fine and very delicate. The chamberstick, removable wax dripper and snuffer have the sterling marks of Minerve with a small 1 by its side which was introduced in 1878. The diameter is 13.3 cm, it is 6.8 cm tall and it weighs 180 grams