290 French 19th Century Silver Chamberstick

A 19th century silver French chamberstick. The chamberstick has a round design and has both a Guilloche pattern on its base and stem as well as a delicate clover leaf design on its base, stem, wax dripper and snuffer. The detailed pattern (similar to an etching) can be seen on each of its parts, the base, the wax dripper, the stem and the snuffer has a clover leaf design. The rims of the base and removable bobeche are beaded as is a finger holder on the snuffer, which is of a unique shape. The elegant handle which extends from the base, seems to be of a different style. The chamberstick has the Minerve mark on the removable bobeche The diameter of the chamberstick is 13.5 cm with the finger holder extending an additional 7.5 cm. Its height is 7.5 cm and it weighs 190 grams.