33 French 19th Century Silver Chamberstick

A 19th century French silver chamberstick. The chamberstick is of a round shape and its rim has six lightly curved sectors with 3 lines following the curve of each sector. The base is lightly decorated close to the rim with a pattern of small curves and dots. The same pattern is also present on the middle of the candle holder. The handle seems to be a “spoon” handle which was attached to the base. The placement for the candle is fixed and is not removable. There are hallmarks on the handle (Minerve) and on the bottom of the base (illegible, but having the Minerve shape). The candle holder connects to the base with the typical French 4 corners bolt and screw. The chamberstick is 14.5 cm wide with the handle extending an additional 10 cm. It is 8 cm high and weighs 260 grams.