286 English 19th Century Sterling Chamberstick

An 1818 English sterling chamberstick. This impressive Georgian chamberstick has a rectangular form and is complete with its original sconce and snuffer. It is beautifully decorated and hand engraved on the rims of the various parts of the chamberstick. The rim of the base and the rim of the removable sconce (which is also rectangular) have the same decoration, with flowery type circles in the corners and middle of the rims. The rims of the snuffer, and stem are also decorated with a fluted type decoration. The thumb rest has the same circle decoration as in the rims of the base. The base, snuffer and sconce are all marked for Sheffield, 1818 with the maker’s mark I&T.S for John and Thomas Settle. The chamberstick is 16 X 12.5 cm wide, 11 cm tall and weighs 330 grams.