239 Dutch Century Silver Chamberstick

An 1890’s Dutch silver chamberstick. The chamberstick is a square chamberstick with a very ornate design remindful of Hanau silver designs. The base design is small boys using stalks of Lily of the Valley as whips while riding harnessed bumble bees. The neck panels feature a flirting couple, in 18th century dress, or a single male with a walking stick. The corners are an etched cross-hatched ground with scalloped, scrolling edges. The small feet on the underside mirror the feet that separate the center portion and the shaped body. The removable wax cup is marked with the import mark of a helmeted head in profile. The lion mark with the second standard, 2, is also stamped with a key, a mark used for exports. The handle is marked with what looks like a Gothic K or R for the years 1894 or 1901 respectively. The chamberstick is 13 cm wide at base, 8.5 cm tall and weighs 240 grams